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The best way to attend sports games.


The Best


Even in the digital age with a plethora of services at our fingertips, it’s still hard to coordinate with friends and family to have a good time at a professional sports event. So we imagined a mobile, group planning service that offers a premium, stress-free game day experience.




GameDay is, at its core, a mobile app that brings people together through sports, easily and seamlessly.


What’s the Game Plan? 

GameDay GamePlans start with planning packages that include game tickets, transportation, food and beverages and much more. These packages are tailored to you, and range from a la carte to all-inclusive.

Painless Planning


The hardest part of getting your friends together is the planning.  With GamePlans, your friends can opt in or out, but once they’re in, GameDay takes care of the rest. Whether its handling payments, scheduling transportation, arranging food and drink, or integrating with calendars and reminders, the GamePlan has you covered. 

Exactly what you’re looking for


GameDay provides the best customized GamePlans by understanding your interests,  your friends and relationships, and your likes and dislikes. At the game, it uses your past behaviors and preferences to predict your needs and make suggestions to improve your experience. 


It’s Go Time!


Accept your invitation with one tap and the rest is taken care of. No payment exchange, fussing with ticket details, or coordinating pre-game activities.


Today’s the Day!

On the day of the big game, the GamePlan Countdown prepares you for each big moment. It alerts you to when and where you’ll meet your friends, prompts you when to grab your ride to the game, and let’s you know when to get there to see the first pitch. You won’t miss a beat.


Meet Ty

Ty is your AI digital assistant and GameDay manager. Part sports fanatic and part concierge, Ty makes the day easier, more fun, and way more interesting for everyone in the group.

Experiences Worth Remembering


The best way to make the most of your free time is by creating memorable group experiences. On game day, Ty coordinates your team and reminds you what to do.  Building on the excitement and suspense during the game, Ty provides real-time player and game information. Team challenges and trivia add to the competitive atmosphere and connect everyone together in a shared experience. Ty and GameDay are there to help everyone have a good time.

Something for Every Group


Whether you want to get together with a group of friends, family or just plan a date night, GameDay has a live-sports package for everyone, newbie to fanatic. You can plan an event with little effort and become the MVP for the day.

Play Ball

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