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People-Focused Product Design 

We design clever strategies, services, experiences and interactions for complex technologies, all the while keeping humans at the center of the system. Here's how we can help...

Strategy & Planning

We live and breathe design strategy. People are at the core of what we do, serving as our greatest inspiration. We get to the center of human needs, environments and behaviors to deliver ideas founded on insight and understanding rather than opinion. We partner with companies to lay out a strategic framework that connects business opportunities with customer insight.

Methods + Deliverables

Design Research, Customer Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Competitive Analysis, Personas, User Stories, Journey Mapping, Opportunity Finding, Strategy Workshops, Consensus Building, Product Road Maps

We generate big ideas and imaginative scenarios. We focus these into tangible products using our toolkit, 20 years in the making. We run workshops to synthesize our research and help organizations imagine a radically different future. We generate sketches, stories, journeys and other forms of visual thinking as ways to create, express, debate and prioritize ideas.

Methods + Deliverables

Design Workshops, Sketching & Storyboarding, Design Language, Proof of Concept, Product Wireframes, Concept Videos, Physical/Digital Prototyping, Concept Value Testing

We are practitioners of Experience, Product, and Service Design. We create the interactions and behaviors that people sense, perceive, and experience with your whole product. We form the shapes, colors, textures, systems, environments, spacing, layouts, flows and interfaces that people touch and feel. We iterate, refine and test these details to help you ship great products.

Methods + Deliverables

Experience Design, Information Architecture, Brand Implementation, UI Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Design Libraries & Specs, Prototyping, Benchmarking, Usability Testing, FDA/EU MDR Compliance 


We deliver design as fully-coded components, interactions, and development-ready Design Systems. We run onboarding sessions that empower teams to use these deliverables to the full potential. We plan engagement sprints to ensure our processes fit seamlessly into those of our clients, and create a signature experience by making sure the Product team is successful.

Methods + Deliverables

Front-End Development, Design Systems, Motion Studies, Product Management, Process Book, Sprint Planning & Execution, Benchmarking, Performance and Usability Testing

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