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Your Friendly Neighborhood design firm

Our passion is making technology fit into people's lives, including our own.

product strategy + user experience

We look across industries, the globe and the internet of things to find problems worth solving.


Our specialty is guiding big, ambiguous thinking into a design strategy that has impact, now.


We’re more than product designers. Our strength and specialty is designing for real people, with real people.

wE'RE Slightly

Our people drive fast, take chances, and fear absolutely nothing. We’ll do the dirty work of paving new paths.

I do like to think, of the things that I’m involved in making, that they are better products for people…Those little changes and additions that you make to a product are the stimuli that make technologies easier to use.

Christopher Konrad

Founder & CEO

Christopher founded the company so that people enjoy doing what matters with the help of well designed technology. Over the past two decades, Christopher has applied an astute eye to help hone product visions at Microsoft, Intuit and Artefact.


Christopher peers through to the future with a pair of rose-tinted Aviators, grabbing the business bull by the horns and pushing the legal limits of design.

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The Team
Bennett King

Managing Partner

Ben designs product strategies and concepts by deeply understanding the people who use them. Equal parts studio leader, researcher and design technologist, Ben brings 20 years of expertise creating products by matching a deep understanding of digital systems with a keen insight in to human behavior. He joined the team from Qualcomm Research where he designed futuristic products for emerging markets, on-body systems, and human-robot interaction to name a few. Prior to that, he designed for Kyocera Wireless, HP, and a number of startups across multiple environments, from the close confines of nuclear submarines to the wide expanses of augment reality. He is also 72% sure he once saw Bigfoot. 

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One of my biggest inspirations is street art…the way it stops you in your tracks and interrupts your typical flow…maybe makes you rethink what you’re doing. I love that.

Just like Tron, I fight for the user.

Chris Wood

Senior Director, UX

Chris is a user experience design leader who rolls up his sleeves and gets design done. His luxurious mane cradles a noggin with over 16 years of expertise at Fortune 100 & 500 companies in the enterprise space. Chris most recently led user-centered design in cognitive computing for IBM Watson and applications for Genomics and Life Science industries. Though his work has been showcased from NYC to SXSW, Chris is most at home in Austin, Texas catching up on SciFi pop culture with his lovely wife. Outside of work you might find him surfing amateur radio waves or howling at the moon with his two hairless Xoloitzcuintle canines. 

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Jana Rieger

Director Of Operations

Jana brings over 10 years of management and operations experience ranging from running restaurants to business consulting. After completing her MBA in 2011, she wanted to use that expertise to support and manage tasks so businesses could succeed. At Konrad+King, Jana brings order to our dynamic business. With an eye for detail she can provide the logistics to make big ideas a reality. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, cooking for the K+K team,  and then forcing them to work out.

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They call me Jackie Fox...

TEAM Model

To offer a broad range of services and scale to meet any project need, we work with over a dozen local consultants to make sure you have the right people to move your projects forward. Whether it is UX, industrial design, design research, human factors, front-end dev, or product strategy, we work with the most talented people available. 


With over 20 years in design, we are also connected to a national and international network of consultants and design firms that allow us to scale to any project, in any location. This has allowed us to complete projects all over the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, Israel, the UK, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands.


You tell us what you need; we have the people to get it done.


Making a difference on this planet

While we are ardent supporters of our San Diego and Austin communities, we are a global partner. From Tel Aviv to San Jose, London to Vancouver, we design for companies that are making a broad, meaningful difference in the world.

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