BMC Software is a leading provider of IT management solutions. In 2013, BMC’s CEO, Bob Beauchamp, made user experience a strategic business priority. There was significant design work to do on existing and new products across a variety of platforms.


George Kaempf was hired to transform the design of BMC’s flagship products. George called and asked if Konrad+King would be able to take on some of their extra work.  Since that call, we have been discovering user problems, providing innovative solutions and building products.


What neither of us fully realized 4 years ago was how our design partnership would impact BMC’s business success and deliver customer value.

Business Value

Konrad+King has provided value to BMC’s UX team by supplying skills and bandwidth they didn’t have organically. Konrad+King scaled up quickly with professional product strategists and designers when additional work needed to get done.

“Konrad+King is integrated into our team which enables us to respond to our high priority projects. They know what we’re doing and know how to do it. There is no ramp up time as would be found in a transactional relationship.”

George Kaempf

VP, User Experience at BMC Software

Business Value



Coherent experience design for marketing and acquiring customers when BMC needed to improve customer acquisition across their product offerings.

Business Value

Insights to

Expand Markets

Quickly provided high valued insights into customers’ emerging digital transformation needs when BMC needed to understand adjacent spaces.

Business Value



An outside perspective. Independent from internal influences.

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Business Value

Decrease Time

to Market

Fast delivery because of our senior staff’s experience, being time boxed and removed from organizational churn.

Customer Value

Konrad+King has provided value to BMC customers by supporting their digital transformation efforts, delivering modern experiences and increasing productivity with easy to learn and use solutions.

“Partnership with Konrad+King enables us to deliver significantly better experiences to our customers making them better at their jobs at a lower cost.”

George Kaempf
VP, User Experience at BMC Software

Customer Value

Fulfilling & Useful


Market opportunities, design principles and a vision for a world-class experience when BMC needed a product strategy.

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BMC Software - Ultra Aware IT
Customer Value

Modern Experience

w/ Modern Technology

Expertise on user scenarios, interface trends and capabilities of technologies when BMC needed knowledge of advanced technologies.

Customer Value

Easy to

Learn & Use

Reduced learning time and training costs, eliminated unnecessary coordination between user groups and better than the competition when BMC needed to improve task performance.

What Was Learned

What was learned is that there are significant business benefits of having a design partnership, as opposed to doing one-off projects. From the beginning, Konrad+King was integrated into BMC’s design team. We have played a role in making BMC a design driven company and we helped transform key product experiences more quickly.


Through a design partnership, we have…


  • » provided value to BMC by supplying skills and bandwidth to get specific projects done efficiently.

  • » provided value directly to BMC’s customers by helping create modern, useful and easy to use products.


We will continue to foster design partnerships with our existing and future customers.

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