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We’re a full service user experience & design strategy firm that reimagines products, services, and industries by studying human behavior.

Konrad King Internet of Things
What We Do

Solve the

Hard Problems

We look across industries, the globe and the internet of things to find problems worth solving. Then, we get to work.

What We Believe


Is Success

Our specialty is guiding big, ambiguous thinking into a design strategy that has impact, right now.

Our Services
Konrad King Design for People


Product Design

We’re more than product designers. Our strength and specialty is designing for real people, with real people.

Our Culture

We Are


Our people drive fast, take chances, and fear absolutely nothing. We’ll do the dirty work of paving new paths.

Konrad King Paves New Paths
Our Clients

Making a 


We design for companies that are making a broad, meaningful difference in the world.


San Diego, CA

Konrad+King HQ is built for user research, client workshops, and design strategy. 5pm cocktail hour M-F in the 70’s Lounge.


Los Angeles, CA

The LA studio, located just east of Silicon Beach, is optimized for producing high impact visual stories for new product & service visions.

Konrad+King Austin Office

Austin, TX

Our Austin studio is a small concrete structure located underground to protect high value assets and secret IP

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