Branded Sporting Gear for Our Work Nonsense

Work doesn’t always look like work in the technology industry. In fact, it often looks like people are screwing around. They go for coffee, play games, attend concerts, do scavenger hunts, have picnics, play volleyball, take ski trips and a bunch of other nonsense.


I enjoy doing that nonsense. It’s fun and it’s work. My relationship changes when I have fun doing work nonsense with colleagues. Colleagues become trusted friends. I align my interests a bit more to theirs. I negotiate decisions with more compassion. I go out on a limb to help when they’re in need. Can you imagine work being done under these conditions? Now, I just need the right branded sporting gear for our work nonsense.

I wanted branded sporting equipment for our employees and clients to use while we do work nonsense together. Dane has a passion for designing sports brands. I asked him if he would use the Konrad+King brand elements to design skin graphics for skis, snowboards, surfboards and any other flat surface sporting goods. Dane designed these awesome graphics and Jana ordered and applied the skins, which was harder than we thought.


Let’s be friends and do work nonsense.  Go team!

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