7 Signature Experiences for Autonomous RVs

At Konrad+King we are fascinated with designing the human experience of autonomous vehicles. As mentioned in our last blog, we spent the last several months creating concepts that reimagine the transportation experience for a future where autonomous vehicles are pervasive. Our first autonomous vehicle concept focuses on the family experience and embraces technology to reinvent the family road trip. We call it TerraVenture. We started with two design challenges:

1 // Making It Easy to Get Back to Nature

The dream of loading the family in the car or RV and getting back to nature is deeply embedded in our culture. Yet, in reality, this dream is getting harder to achieve. Our busy schedules rarely allow time to properly plan, driving long distances is rough on the whole family, and keeping the family interacting together is getting harder as we retreat into our devices. Can technology be used to alleviate these problems?

2 // Reconnecting the Family

Technology is drawing us inward – into our homes, online spaces, and virtual environments – pulling us away from the natural world. It is also changing the way that we, as families communicate, replacing interpersonal experiences with less emotive on-screen interactions. Despite these factors the need for family bonding remains stronger and more necessary than ever. Can we embrace this trend in technology while still empowering and improving the family bond?

Introducing TerraVenture American Road Cruises

TerraVenture is a recreational service that provides your family with adventure cruises of most the scenic byways and destinations in North America. At the center of the service is your personal intelligent Cruise Director who coordinates a fleet of autonomous RVs, and an end-to-end logistics and supply chain. Cierra plans, supplies, and executes adventures that fit seamlessly into your family’s lives. Our range of trip packages and tiered fleet of autonomous RVs provide road trip vacations that fit any budget or lifestyle.

TerraVenture: American Road Cruises

TerraVenture: American Road Cruises

TerraVenture is the safest, most stress-free way to travel.

Your Cruise Director, Cierra, removes the hassle and time of trip planning by learning your schedule, preferences and lifestyle. The service offers pre-packaged vacations that meet your family’s needs and budget.


Safe & Stress-free Travel

2 // TerraVenture takes care of the itinerary.

Your Cruiser is equipped and pre-programmed to provide the best travel experience possible–from onboard activities to the best sites and attractions along the way. Enjoy as-is, or modify your trip on-the-fly.

Itinerary UI

Your Customized Itinerary

3 // TerraVenture is the best way to discover nature.

Your digital Cruise Director, Cierra, ensures convenience and safety on the roadways so you can enjoy the scenery. The journey becomes part of the adventure with your personal tour guide. No driving, no navigating, no setup, no worries.

Discovering Nature UX

Discovering Nature

4 // TerraVenture connects family in new ways.

Strengthen your family bond using onboard technologies like digital, geo-aware group gaming and augmented reality stargazing from the 360° SkyDeck.

Connecting Family UX

Connecting Family in New Ways

5 // TerraVenture helps create unique memories.

Live broadcast your adventure with friends, family, and social networks back home–using the onboard camera and audio system.

Creating Memories UX

Creating Memories

6 // TerraVenture has something for everyone.

Your cruise has something to offer for the whole family. Enjoy the view with a captivating history tour & cocktail, explore the geography with a 3D map, or sit down to a nice lunch.

Something for Everyone UX

Something for Everyone

7 // TerraVenture conquers the unexpected.

On-demand services help you outfit your family when conditions change. Ask your Cruise Director for supplies or equipment on-the-fly. TerraVenture and it’s partners will get them to you anywhere within hours.

outfitting drone

Outfitting On-the-fly

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